Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause - Wolkenreise

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  • There's nothing worse than having to put up with multiple versions of the same tune that have absolutely nothing to distinguish themselves from each other part from the various instrumental elements having been "toughened up." Having said that, an artist who attempts to completely rewrite the track in question can be accused of ruining it all too easily. Thankfully, "Wolkenreise" sits somewhere in between. Its various interpretations may not seem that different respectively, but there's a subtlety and attention to detail that makes listening to each version a pleasure. The original version, Tejada, Lamas, Breitbarth and Karraskilla remixes are similar atmospheric exercises in frequency modulation, each one using similar motifs to the one before. Delicacy is the key here, and the sounds are allowed to breath independently thanks to a capacious backdrop sporadically illuminated by a mixture of spaced-out ambience and dubwise techniques. DJ Qu, however, goes a little bit further and crafts the cut with the most urgency; a typically sub-aquatic arrangement that relies on a raw, subdued bell throughout, along with sparse percussion and the sounds of a short-wave radio being tuned. It does seem more than a little contradictory to declare a wariness of remix packages sounding, by and large, generic and then go on to state that in many ways that could be seen to be the case here, apart from the DJ Qu remix. But the other remixes are in no way as uniform as may have been implied. They share many similarities, but are independent and original, spanning a range of deep house atmospherics from the ambient and analogue through to the slightly surreal.
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      A1 Wolkenreise A2 Wolkenreise (Rene Breitbarth Remix) B1 Wolkenreise (John Tejada Remix) B2 Wolkenreise (DJ Qu Remix)