Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy - Drei Monde

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  • Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy have turned out numerous sterling electro house floor-fillers together over the last five years or so, making them (alongside Booka Shade) champions of credible '00s electro house. It's their impeccable production and arrangement, sure, but above all a knack for fuck-yeah emotion that has enough reserve to be introspective. As such, it'll please many who haven't heard these remixes played out yet to hear that, with the exception of Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff, the clutch of similarly big-room producers here leave the chord sequences alone, tweaking them in different ways but keeping the golden heart of the tracks. The result is superb. Joris Voorn, in particular, turns out a stunning remix which takes the most halcyon section of the chord sequences in the original of "Callisto," making it swell and subdue, and augmenting it with shimmering, aqueous synths, a solidly peak-time drum track and cries of ecstasy just before it breaks. He turns the original from a morose hymn into an elegiac heartthrob. Gui Boratto does an excellent job too. Numerous mini-hooks play off against each other with a wildness that evokes brushstrokes on a Monet. It's as if you're viewing the track's glowing, dusty core through stained gauze. Upping the original's tempo from a steady techstep to boompty techno realms makes it, along with Voorn's remake of "Callisto," more peak floor-friendly than the original. The solidness of production displayed carries through to Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff's "Luna" remix, but the simple three-note bass that drives the track doesn't elicit the same kind of joy nor does it have the same innovative quirks of character or programming. It's a shame, given the pedigree, but you'll probably find it hard to stop listening to the other two anyway.
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      A Callisto (Joris Voorn Remix) B1 Atlas (Gui Boratto Remix) B2 Luna (Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)