SIS - Gallion

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  • It would be very difficult, one imagines, to locate the first producer ever to sequence a 12" by putting a poppy track on the A and a dubby one on the B. But like the first firestarter, this unknown producer has made an inestimable contribution to humanity, exemplified by SIS's latest: big hooks up front, trippy weirdness in the back. It comes as the inaugural offering for Rebellion, a new offshoot of Crosstown Rebels, supposedly aimed at focusing on more "off-kilter, edgier" releases. SIS is no stranger to a big vocal—one needs to recall only the minimalist monster "Nesrib"—and again tries his hand with lyrics pinched from Al Green's "I Can't Get Next to You." And while the good Reverend's repertoire is hardly groundbreaking fare for a house track, the vocals on "Gallian" pull off the appropriation by twisting the tune into something new, dominated by punchy bursts of yelps and shouts. Partygoers can vibe off the ecstatic energy, and trainspotters can appreciate the reference. Underneath SIS is at his cornflakes-crispiest, rolling an often-kickless groove of dry, compressed percussive pitter-patter into a tribal-tinged crowd-pleaser. The intro to "Machiste" epitomizes the idea of the urban jungle—a suspenseful three-note xylophone figure winding its way through what sounds like multiple layers of train-station ambience. As the tune's reverbed atmosphere recedes, shuffling African drums seem to traipse down a concrete tunnel, before the beat kicks in fully and we find ourselves in some underground realm flush with partying mole-people—their goblin voices and clanging instruments weaving in and out over the deep groove. Miles away from the A-side but still part of the same world: Isn't that every B-side's dream come true?
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      A Gallian B Machiste