L.I.E.S. - Comeback Dust

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  • Den Haag, New York and Athens. While these three cities may not immediately have much in common, they're all home to music producers and DJs with a diehard devotion to classic house music. On this sophomore release by Greek label Echovolt, the mysterious group of individuals behind NYC label L.I.E.S. present two stripped back house jams, while revered Dutch producer Legowelt features on remix duties. "Wishing for an End" starts off like many other tributes to the classic analogue house sounds of '80s Chicago: booming kick drums and perky claps underpin floating synthesizer chords. However, unlike other less inspired updates, you quickly realize that the aim of this track isn't simply to just jack your body, but rather to expand your mind. The synth work on this composition is wonderfully unpredictable and expansive, taking the listener on a brief tour of the cosmos with Larry Heard as tour guide. Unfortunately this inspiration does not carry through to "Comeback Dust," another raw drum machine workout that keeps us frustratingly stuck on earth. Its grating polyphonic synth loop simply won't let you close your eyes and dream. Luckily Legowelt knows exactly what to do with this raw material, pushing the offending loop lower in the mix and working things into a trance through the use of a haunting vocal loop and spooky melodies. Easily the cut with the most DJ-play potential, Legowelt's remix continues the Dutch producer's long streak of inspired releases which satisfy the feet as much as the mind.
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      A Wishing For An End B1 Comeback Dust B2 Comeback Dust (Legowelt Remix)