Virgo Four - Lites Go Out

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  • Those who sometimes sit around and wonder, merely as a thought experiment, if dance music ever really needed to progress or not after Chicago house have Virgo to hold up as compelling evidence for the latter. When the group was resurrected last year by Rush Hour, no shortage of praise was directed to its self-titled album from 1989. And now a 12-inch of two unreleased songs comes in advance of a bigger trove: a forthcoming collection of 15-30 old demos and tracks made from 1984 to 1990 called Resurrection. Neither new track stands to rewrite the story on Virgo (or Virgo Four as they're interchangeably known, in spite of being two dudes either way), but that's not a problem. "Lites Go Out" is a briskly jacking affair with hearty snare cracks and an eerie atmosphere made up of incongruously slow synths and a robo voice slurring things like "are you really you when the lights go out?" The flip, "Look Into Your Eyes," is more of a meditation on a bassline, with keyboard sweeps and trills layered on to sound, more and more as the track transpires, elaborately musical.
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      A Lites Go Out B Look Into Your Eyes