Shonky - Le Velour

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  • Well, that didn't take long: Shonky's "Le Velour" starts out with what sounds a needle dropped a little too far ahead into an already happening track, and it doesn't let up from there. It has a crisply articulated house vibe to it, with some nicely swung hi-hats and a snare clack to snap everything to attention. There's also a dreaminess that manages, a little paradoxically, to make everything tighter and more forceful. The effect pays off a bit more in "Easy d'Or," which sounds more old school, in a sort Chicago-meets-Manchester way, without coming off as a paean to the past. There are something like seven or eight little hooky parts just dripping out of "Easy d'Or" at any given point, so much so that seven minutes feels a little too short in the end. Those with a yen to hear Franck Roger remixes won't go wanting here, as he puts in not one but three mixes of "Le Velour." His "Cosmic Version" is spritzy and leaned back, while his "Cosmic Dub" takes much the same mix and simply softens it up. The Roger "Late Night Dub" is where it's at, though—a bleary-eyed, heavy-lidded affair that zips up and zones out as it goes on and on.
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      A1 Le Velour A2 Easy D'or B1 Le Velour (Franck Roger Cosmic Version) B2 Le Velour (Franck Roger Cosmo Dub) Digital: Le Velour (Franck Roger Late Night Dub)