Cosmin TRG - Separat

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  • Cosmin TRG seems to have a multiple personality disorder, his tracks ranging from dubstep to house to garage to whatever last year's release on Hemlock was supposed to be. Working such a diverse sound world under one unified name turns each release into a mini-event, a perpetual guessing game of what this one is going to sound like. Never one to be pinned down to a single home, these two pounding house salvos come via Modeselektor's 50 Weapons series. "Separat" is similar to his work on Rush Hour—flimsy strings, methodical thump and flowing synths that pan recklessly around a determined point at the track's centre. But instead of the retro house vibes of something like "Liebe Suende," "Separat" is nailed to the ground with a fearsome oscillating sub-bassline that sounds more like ominous electronic interference than anything properly musical. Moving closer to full-on techno, "Izolat" gleefully piles on the steroids. Emphasis is fully on the backend as deep-digging kicks trigger searching basslines. Again, the synth takes centre stage, mutating and convulsing in the aquatic atmosphere. It climaxes with a tense and empty breakdown, the synth soloing like dub techno gone mad until the kicks come pummeling back in to shove everything into place.
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      A Separat B Izolat