Bruno Pronsato - Anybody But You

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  • It can be too tidy sometimes to focus on an electronic-music producer's prior relationship with "real" instruments, but Bruno Pronsato has more than made good on his storied past as a drummer. Over the past few years, numerous others have courted a similar style—rustling rhythms, off-time taps, a squirming aversion to loops—but few boast such a true percussionist's sense of patience and placement. Both are in high supply in the 11-minute house track "Anybody But You," which rumbles and bumps along with a deft mix of energy and ease. It says something for Pronsato's sense of development that no two minutes here would play quite the same without the nine others around it, and it says even more that taking it all in ends with curiosity for what might yet stand to happen with just a few minutes more. "Feel Right," on the flip, is tighter and more upright, a nighttime highway drive compared to the A-side's churning steam-engine stroll. As a more active and agile floor tool it's also less obviously indebted to Ricardo Villalobos, whose shadow Pronsato would be wise to continue trying to elude.
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      A Anybody But You B Feel Right