Ulysses - Acid Reflux

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  • Everyone knows that you can't have an acid track without a deranged voice saying "acid" a bunch of times, and Ulysses doesn't disappoint. The medically-conscious among you may notice something odd however, namely that the title refers to a painful gastroesophageal condition, in which the contents of the stomach leak backwards up into the esophagus. Lovely! An acid track about barfing. And the quasi-demonic intonation of "I call it acid...acid reflux" may sound like you're at the doctor's office in hell. But that's always been part of acid's appeal—a bit dark, a bit sinister, a bit "what am I getting myself into?" "Acid Reflux" captures this sentiment and updates it with a fresh palette—with its driving, polished drums and trippy effects you'd never mistake it for a lost Trax number. This definitely contributes to making the tune one of the strongest neo-acid tracks out there at the moment—it avoids mere historical re-enactment, sounding classic and contemporary at the same time. Prins Thomas's remix is something of a revelation. While it's a churning barnstormer of the sort that's come to be expected when he's in his "Discomiks" mode, it neatly digests the acidic components of Ulysses's track without any anti-peristaltic side effects. You get an exquisitely long and psychedelic wind-up, which then kicks into high gear with a party-moving bass stomp. The 303 tweaks away the whole time, neatly sitting among the watery synth arpeggiation characteristic of cosmic Norway. Original and remix form here a killer pair—you could have made the release a two-track affair and called it a day. Ulysses though has gone and thrown in two other offerings—"Implanted," a kind of more mellowed-out psychedelic affair for the cannabis-friendly dance floor, the sort that sounds good whether you're upright or passed out, and "Lullaby," a sweet, nearly ambient number that, in true Raymond Scott-style, would go well with a crib and an afternoon nap.
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      A1 Acid Reflux A2 Implanted B1 Acid Reflux (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) B2 Lullaby