Rolando - 5 to 8

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  • Keen observers might have spotted these two Rolando tracks from Ben Klock's Berghain 04 mix from last year. But perhaps the significance of the release is not so much down to the music as to the extension of the Ostgut label further into international territories, reinforcing the old Berlin-Detroit axis. Music-wise, the EP is essentially one track of DJ-friendly material in "De Cago" and one track of more luscious downbeat moods ("Junie"). That "Junie" closes Klock's mix probably says enough about how it works: Its dreamy runs of backwards synths and soothing, overlapping melodies are perfect for coming down. "De Cago" is somewhere near a pun in Spanish as well as a play on the two cities which are repeated over and over throughout its length (Detroit and Chicago, naturally). Indeed, this is probably the main limiting factor of the track away from a set, but an advantage when played out. The repetition and use of few melodic elements means it runs out of ideas too soon to make much of an impact at home, whereas out on the floor it's a storming and trippy number when blended in and out of other tracks, with the samples becoming more like calls to arms than monotonous loops.
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      A De Cago B Junie