jozif - Brick Jane

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  • Not only do jozif and Craig Richards sound different—the former with his idiosyncratic, emotionally charged take on house music, the latter with an all-encompassing musical outlook that has enabled him to keep his weekly fabric residency fresh for more than a decade—but the way they release music is unconventional too. The longtime friends have started a limited edition vinyl label, and its first three releases are scheduled to have jozif laying down a dance floor focused cut on the A (the fist) before Richards delivers a more ambient feel on the flip (the finger). Volume two begins much in the same way as its predecessor, with jozif offering tonnes of emotion. Sombre piano chords add more lament than we're used to from the London-based producer, which is only heightened by subtle guitar plucks and dreamy xylophones. The key, though, is in how "Brick Jane" progresses, gaining momentum before spilling out into an immersive crescendo. jozif allows the moment to last just long enough, and then strips them right back as the journey starts all over again. Faint xylophones seem to be the only thing you can discern from the original throughout Richards' re-interpretation. After the initial crackling static and woozy atmospheres, the former Tyrant man invites us into a mind-bending, warped soundscape. In a scene full of aimless labels seeking only to find the next big thing, it's refreshing to see such a conceptual statement carried out by two talented artists.
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      A Brick Jane B Brick Jane (Craig Richards Remix)