Benoit & Sergio - Where the Freaks

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  • There's nothing like some dude muttering about freaks like he just woke up over a spacey, sticky, barebones house track. What worked for Moody on "Freeki Mutha F cka" gets nice results as well for D.C. duo Benoit & Sergio on "Where the Freaks Have No Name"—surely a contender for song title of the year even at this early stage. They set the snare patterns to "woodblock" and the central synth line to both "metallic" and a three-second delay, and then they set the whole thing to "undulate." There's a lo-fi, muzzy quality that gives it a special kick. It's sleazy, which is appropriate given that most of that muttering (Sergio's) consists of the word "freak" uttered at regular intervals. "Day Residue" is Sergio moaning "Story's in your eyes" every so often over a track that meanders for ten minutes and leaves no mark whatsoever. The build is kind of nice; that's it. "Walk and Talk," on the other hand, seeps in pretty deep. It's sleek and minimalist, with congas, a bassline and keyboards that are implied as much as heard, the more apt to house the lyric. "My baby does K all day / She doesn't wash her hair, she doesn't wash her clothes / Just sits on the couch watching television shows," Sergio croons absently through (seemingly) the same processing Villalobos used on "Easy Lee." Like the woman it describes, it's dreamlike, narcotic and addictive.
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      A1 Walk & Talk A2 Where The Freaks Have No Name B Day Residue