Juju & Jordash - Quasi Quasi

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  • The latest from multi-instrumental duo Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski, AKA Juju & Jordash, is an experimental, organic affair, one that swallows up myriad influences and spews out a heady mixture that's difficult to pinpoint genre-wise and easy to get lost in. A key point of reference might be fusion-era Miles Davis—fitting as his style was already a hybrid, stitching jazz, funk and rock together in unpredictable ways. The A-side is a downtempo number, reflecting a deft use of space, threading together '70s jazz horn licks, militant spoken-word and a spare echoey drum kit. While J&J clearly excel at nearly-abstract collages of sound, it's worth noting that the danciest cut here is also the standout. Ra.H's remix of "Quasi Quasi" welds all that atmosphere to insistent piano keys and a dubby, Detroit-ish drum pulse. Halfway through there's a psychedelic takeover by some tripped-out organ licks, as if the spiked punch just kicked in. The other pair of tracks here don't skimp on weirdness either. J&J's remix of "Open Your Heart" by Blaktronics tosses the vocal into the tripped-out shadows, a densely wonky, slo-mo shuffle with a big crunchy snare and what sounds like a Casio keyboard falling down the stairs. It's hard to tell if the track is going to disintegrate altogether and send sounds flailing into the void. Finally "Frisky Perez" is a live improv techno jam. Tidal shifts of rhythm and percolating analog textures abound. I half expect Miles to step out of the murky, futuristic funk with cascading bleats of wah-wah trumpet.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Quasi Quasi A2 Quasi Quasi (Ra.H Remix) B1 Blacktroniks - Open Up Your Heart (Juju & Jordash Cardiac Arrest Remix) B2 Frisky Perez