Redshape - Future Shock

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  • Redshape and Delsin is one of the cosiest partnerships around, considering the propensity of both to bring rough Detroit production up to date. I'd argue that the main thing that brings Redshape forward from the Belleville three is a greater attention to getting the production just-so, but here the 'shape's taking 8 mile road out of town (OK, it doesn't go out of town, but allow me the indulgence) and mixing in a wider variety of inflections than usual. Although his tracks are usually constructed from discrete vintage sounds like Lego blocks, here they're more three-dimensional and distinct than usual. The form of the blocks that he chooses and the way they fit together are different across the three tracks, but the idea's the same. "Future Shock" is underpinned by a constant buzz of a bass, with cascading synths forming roman pillars above, "Kung Fu" is more disjointed, with a large round bass and the rhythmic eccentricity of the other bits preventing them from fitting together properly, "Manhattan" strips things down with a simple one-note bass rhythm, sparse drums and a moonlit synth shining wistfully. The kick, although still a sturdy thump, is less overwhelming than usual. Instead, midrange percussive weight provides funky syncopation. Redshape hasn't changed his studio setup: The same raw instrumentation is there. But it has a bit more polish this time. It's a nice twist to his usual style, and although maybe some that have fallen in love with his purism might pass this one by, I'd say it makes an excellent expansion to his catalogue.
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      A Future Shock B1 Kung Fu B2 Manhattan