Jay Haze - I Wait for You

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  • Maybe a closer term for what house people like to call "deep" might be "slow-burning." Right—it's not as if Jay Haze's "I Wait for You" is necessarily hiding anything. Everything's fairly up-front. Lalia Tov's vocal does some flying, but it stays right in line with the rhythms and the variable keyboard timbres. Nevertheless, the beat drops out for a long time, and if anything what it builds back up to is slightly drowsier than what it began with. The song's the thing, not the track, per se—that's pretty daring given the milieu. It works fine, but in isolation it seems like it misses its album. That's a lot less the case with "The Darkest Disco," maybe because Ricardo Villalobos is in tow. Who knows how he and Haze split the labor, but it's a fantastic curveball—mostly watercolor atmosphere and very crisp percussion, plus gauzy synth washes that crest low enough to still see the boats beyond. It's so precisely put together that it sounds more willed than made, including the slow-down/speed-up middle. That's not to say it's wispy; it bumps. But its modesty feels genuinely big.
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      A I Wait For You feat. Laila Tov B The Darkest Disko feat. Ricardo Villalobos