jozif - Sunrise

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  • Although there's a vital thread of harmonies and warmth that runs throughout jozif's steadily building discography, the variety of his output is reflected by the range of labels he's released on. There's no strict agenda, no writing a certain type of tune for a certain type of label, even if he does sometimes seem to swing his style. Case in point: Sunrise fits in with Infine's delicate, heartfelt catalogue more than his usual. The pairing would have made sense anyway. jozif always has his attention on carrying emotion; it's as though his aim is to soundtrack life. The highlight here in this sense, "Suddenly Somethin'," feels like peace at the end of a long journey, with a lovely nostalgic chord sequence and strings that swell and glow. But overall, there's more of a dreamy character to the EP than usual. "Sunrise" drifts in a long, calming wash ornamented with little piano tinkles and with unostentatious complexity in the drum track. As is often the case with Infine, the EP works well as listening music: meaning that there's no dance floor workouts like "Soonar 8," for example. The balance isn't on immersing yourself, but in kicking back and letting the music set the mood. So you have the grainy, interesting production textures of soil and dirt in "Natural Nature" and Infine's typical organic instrumentation used throughout—particularly acoustic drums and strings. Consequently, although "Cathy's Diamonds" is the most bombastic of the bunch, it's also the most cinematic: in other words, and like the rest of the EP, it takes a refreshing stance in the way it underscores, rather than imposes.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Sunrise A2 Suddenly Somethin B1 Natural Nature B2 Cathy's Diamonds