Steve Rachmad presents Ignacio - Virton Upgraded

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  • Steve Rachmad is known for wearing many hats while producing. From his early years spent producing Detroit-esque techno under the Tons of Tones guise, one-off dub techno contributions to Delsin under his own name and a more recent excursion into tech house on Get Digital, the Dutchman is renowned for the sheer scope of his output. One thing that has remained consistent throughout his 15-year career, though, is a partnership with Belgium's Music Man Records, an imprint known for its quality control. And that's where Virton - Upgraded has ended up. It's no surprise why. Rachmad released the track in 2001 on Music Man, but has "upgraded" it here for more modern dance floors. This version is drawn-out and spacey, held together throughout its duration by an arppegiating synth riff that doesn't really change rhythm-wise, despite the extensive dynamics of the surrounding percussive elements. Beefed up, this one is primed for peak-time: It's not meant to get bodies on the dance floor, it's meant to keep them there. Ben Klock offers up two markedly different reworks. The first, simply titled "Remix A," removes almost all of Rachmad's layering, replacing it with a big kick drum that serves as the track's focal point until the synth riff that was so prominent in the Rachmad's original returns. "Remix B" is slightly more subdued, but no less effective. Klock slinks back into his famed dub techno mode, making sure to employ enough melody to keep it relevant to the rest of the package.
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      A Virton Upgraded B1 Virton Upgraded (Ben Klock Remix A) B2 Virton Upgraded (Ben Klock Remix B)