Jam City - Magic Drops

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  • Remember how early jungle started getting far woozier as it got more drenched in E? Something similar is happening in the bass underground, at least sonically. The last few months have been the most tongue-lolling for the field in ages: Lone's album, Duffstep's last couple singles, Pariah's melting-caramel "Prism," "Wut" and this 12-inch from Jam City are all proximate neighbors in blissful disorientation. The difference between "Magic Drops" and the above-mentioned rest is that if Jam City's track is woozy, it isn't giddy; almost all of the E-gush comes from only a handful of very defined elements—all-body-caressing 808, slide-whistle synth, dry handclaps, a chime here and there—rather than a giant mass of them like "Wut," its predecessor in the Night Slugs catalog. In a sense, this single turns that one inside out, with a break in the middle for a whiny G-funk synth solo, which is hissy enough to fill the sound field out completely. "Scene Girl" and "2 Hot" aren't as blissed-out, but they don't need to be. "Scene Girl" is a moody instrumental with a sliding synth bass and a nicely deployed vocal sample ("Oooh") that's crucial to the track's construction, while "2 Hot" is a steely grime track with a haunted quality.
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      01. Magic Drops 02. Scene Girl 03. 2 Hot