Shlomi Aber - The Majestic

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  • "Tel Aviv was a mini-Ibiza in the late '90s," Shlomi Aber told RA last year. "It's quite a small city—about half a million people—and we had about 20 clubs which could have more than 1,500 people on a night. It was madness." You can hear that echoing in both sides of his new single for Objektivity. Other things echo, too, such as an ominous piano chord on the 12-inch's B-side, "Glooming," that stabs so insistently in the background it takes on the aspect of jagged tile. The drums there bustle and clop at an urgent pitch that nevertheless doesn't hurry too hard. Still, the A is the prize. "The Majestic" is your classic kind of looped vocal snippet that changes shape in the air as echo and filtering are applied to it at a steady, merciless clip. It's language as hallucination; the kind of track Winx made with 1994's "How's the Music," as just one example. Of course, the guy is saying "the majestic"—but the shapes it's twisted into resemble such "huh?" gems as "Whip a jet pack" and "What would punch back?" A bridge is provided by a pianissimo-soft "Peep-peep-peep-peep-people-people." Buoyed by no-nonsense bass, rolling-clipper hi-hats that are replaced nearly two minutes from the end by soothing brushes, and a taut beat, it's pretty damn surefire.
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      A The Majestic B Glooming