Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay - Wongel

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  • When your track is pretty much all drums, you'd better make those drums sound good, and that's just what Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay do on "Wongel." On the A-side mix, the kick is gummy but not bounding or boinging, and the snare is filtered to give it more of a hollowed-out feel, almost like handclaps but clearly and obviously blunter and more forceful. There are only slight variations on the track for great stretches of its ten minutes, some judicious filtering beyond just the snare, but that doesn't matter too much when the sheer sound of the thing is enough to feast on. So is the fact that it just pumps. The slightly lagged two and four of each beat (if I'm counting right) are where the spring comes from, lending it a hesitancy that's hard to resist. Leland McWilliams offers something a little more straight-lined, rhythmically, though there's some conga to compensate, as well as witty dub drop-ins and a nicely undulating bass riff. It's closer to the tech part of its tech house tag. Simon Garcia's "Absolut Dub" comes from a different area—a definitive version of the kind of classicist minimalist house bump whose low end you feel and hear with no pain. This one barely changes, either, and like the original, it manages to ratchet up the excitement while doing so.
  • Tracklist
      01. Wongel 02. Wongel (Huxley Remix) 03. Wongel (Simon Garcia Remix) 04. Wongel (Leland McWilliams Version 1) 05. Wongel (Leland McWilliams Version 2)