De Signer - Suicide Girl

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  • If their placement in RA's recent label poll is anything to go by, Hot Creations are already one of the most highly rated dance music labels around. Not bad for an imprint that's only five releases deep and 12 months old. It seems fitting, then, that Hot Creations' last release of 2010 manages to neatly sum up all that's been good about the label in the past year—from off-kilter disco to driving vocal house. Apparently spotted by Jamie Jones on one of his frequent trips to Los Angeles, De Signer are an outfit whose MySpace reveals a passion for pop lyrics and quirky, synth heavy dance music. Their debut track on Hot Creations has a whole host of retro influences going on: Chicago house drums, disco congas, orchestral stabs and even a jaunty bit of hip-house rapping. It's all pleasant enough but perhaps a little too jumbled for some people's tastes. British disco mavens Crazy P turn in a solid remix which sees them leave their usual home ground of electro funk in favour of the uncharted waters of broken house, the results of which are highly pleasing. Their remix could just have easily have been produced by Seji or Bugz In The Attic and, with some pitching up of speed garage proportions, may well find a home in the sets of UK Funky DJs. The undoubted highlight of the package, though, is the remix from Robin Porter and Subb-an. Stripping away any unnecessary clutter, the young northern club kids leave a jacking bassline and some of the most hooky vocal parts of the original. The end result is a tech house track with bags of character. Once more Hot Creations have rode "the fine line between pop cheese and underground cred" with aplomb.
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      A Suicide Girl (Robin Porter & Subb-An remix) B1 Suicide Girl (Crazy P Remix) B2 Suicide Girl