Krystal Klear - Tried for Your Love

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  • If Dam Funk is the (self-proclaimed) instigator of the funk revival, then Krystal Klear is one of the heirs to the throne. The Dublin-raised Hoya Hoya resident's productions ooze with the stuff. Tried for Your Love has been a long time in coming for aficionados of boogie, funk and eclectic beats—earlier this year Benji B played the EP's lead track six weeks in a row on his show. The original remains on the 12-inch release with a Hudson Mohawke rework and two fresh tracks. The headline track plays directly to the dance floor with a hedonistic stars-at-night slow-mo '80s house groove, a tune that could be used at peaktime for some disco DJs or house DJs getting set to go deep. "Boogie Wan" leans back with more of the namesake sound, gentle synths caressing the body of the track through a reflective and slightly melancholic evening stroll. "Dekryptic" jacks the body back into some electro funk, the perfect soundtrack for an open top cruise to a West Coast club on a late summer night. They're two solid and classy additions to this release, but the real meat comes with "Tried for Your Love" and Hudson Mohawke's thumping club rework. Building from an eager spacey intro, Mohawke launches into classic Chicago house territory via an epic piano stab and strings-led breakdown. It's almost a completely new track such is the change in tempo and style. It was a good decision. It'd be difficult to better either version.
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      01. Tried for Your Love 02. Boogie Wan 03. Dekryptic 04. Tried for Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Rework)