Asusu - No Kya

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  • It seems a while now since talk of dubstep getting into bed with techno had any sort of wow-factor. Since the "glory days" of 2008, the core "scene" (if you could ever call it that) has splayed off in all manner of tangential directions, leaving little trace of its initial form. Two men still true to the cause, however, are Asusu and F, who for the past few years have been diligently mining the rhythmic and textural vocabularies of both genres in the quest for the perfect synthesis. This 12-inch proves no exception. As such, it sounds a touch dated—testimony to how fast trends in bass music evolve (or, in many cases, devolve) these days. But that isn't to say it's unworthy of attention. Rather, for those still hooked on the "stepno" sound, it's a real treat. The A-side is a typically pliant, flexing Basic Channel-meets-2-step roller, pitching deeply submerged throbs of bass against gently reverberating chords and a meandering, sub-aquatic lead melody. F's remix is a whole load tougher, bringing granite-chiseled kicks and galloping horseshoe claps (read: clops) to bear on the original's languid groove, and stretching out the bass into a tick, undulating drone. And while neither has anything radically new to add to the techno/dubstep conversation (more of a weary grumble nowadays), for those still looking for the perfect synthesis, "No Kya" is where it's at.
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      A No Kya B No Kya (F Remix)