Delta Funktionen - Setup Two: Fusion

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  • Since its debut back in 2003, Ann Aimee has played host to several interesting strands of techno. But few artists have defined the label's sound as strongly the edgy but emotive techno of Delta Funktionen, AKA Niels Luinenburg. His most recent contribution to the Dutch imprint comes in the form of a second 12-inch in his Setup series, which was nicely kicked off a few months ago with a mixture of acid and dub techno on Decorum. Fusion follows from where Decorum left off, but immediately takes a turn for the darker. The steely drums that featured so prominently on the first edition are nowhere to be seen on the EP's opener "Devolution," which rocks a steady but aggressive bassline hook that never feels forceful, despite the track's hammering percussion. The bass ticks along until it's joined by a series of druggy squelches that provide a pathway through impressive acid and dub territory. The A2 and B1, "Eruption" and "Theatre," are cut from the same cloth: Both toy with a distorted midrange and heaving bass lick while a chugging kick drum lays a tough, snareless platform. "Conflict Data" closes out the release, employing a bobbing synth and melodic keys for what stands as the EP's most upbeat moment. Luinenburg gets great results when he sheds a few layers and lets a groove ride without too much interference, so if the distortion on the two prior tracks was a little excessive, the Dutchman makes amends here. It's hard to think of a track from a recent Ann Aimee release that's as bouncy as "Conflict Data," so if you're a DJ (or listener) that likes to keep things lighthearted, then this one's for you.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Devolution A2 Eruption B1 Theatre B2 Conflict Data