LCD Soundsystem / Paperclip People - Throw

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  • It's like translating an idiom from one language to another and back again, only literally. What was once a disco hit for Loleatta Holloway ("Hit and Run") became a techno classic for Carl Craig. Now LCD Soundsystem have re-imagined "Throw" yet again as a hybrid of the two styles: Craig's same techno arrangement played on the live instruments of a disco band. It's been a treat for attendees of the group's concerts over the past few years, and epitomises the crossover sensibility upon which their wide popularity is built. It's the kind of referential nod which is perfect encore fodder at a gig, a great hidden bonus on a CD, though on 12-inch I'll still be reaching for the flip's remastered original. For despite the enticingly dark transposition to minor, James Murphy's falsetto hands-in-the-air summons, or the unruliness of live compared to the neatness of techno, alongside its superlatively timeless predecessor, LCD's like-for-like cover is little more than an enjoyable but passing novelty.
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      A1 LCD Soundsystem - Throw B1 Paperclip People - Throw