Walls - Gaberdine Remixe

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  • The one real dance track on Walls' self-titled Kompakt debut was "Gaberdine," which featured drums far more up-tempo and a structure a lot more recognizably verse-hook than what surrounded it. So to make up for it, Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis throw "Gaberdine" to colleagues who act on the idea that the primary difference between Chain Reaction and Flying Saucer Attack was always primarily in the drums. Infant swipes a handful of instrumental flourishes and turns the track into something a Four Tet fan might like: crazy-looping melodies over a sturdy, affirmative pulse. Not to mention bass so big it's as if it were trying to hug you. Nathan Fake's four-minute "Ambient Version" will, with luck, head straight to Pop Ambient 2011: artificial strings play a melancholy fanfare, one whose notes seem to disappear as quickly as they come in. That's a taster for Fake's 10-minute long-dark-tunnel epic. It hurtles, rather than glides, and that's its appeal; I kept flashing back to hard early '90s Germany, happily. The mix by London's Radiant Dragon, meanwhile, takes direct cues from krautrock and Fripp/Eno while maintaining a four-to-the-floor beat, though the snare-heavy climaxes make it feel a little more rock. Shuffle Truffle's "Epic Stoner Mix" starts out like an anomaly in this company—pinging triangle, dirt-swallowing low end and a clean surface that's soon muddled up good by finely-sliced wafts of ambience and fog-like voices. When the bottom comes back after dropping out a while, the song seems to have slowed down. Dude, whoa.
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      01. Gaberdine (Infant Remix) 02. Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Remix) 03. Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Long Remix) 04. Gaberdine (Radiant Dragon Remix) 05. Gaberdine (Truffle Shuffle Remix)