Floorplan - Living It Up

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  • It's hard to imagine what Robert Hood does for kicks when he's not making coruscating techno or working his farm in Alabama. This single, however, provides an inkling of what he might listen to when he relaxes on the veranda. Floorplan, unlike Monobox or The Vision, is one of Hood's lesser-known pseudonyms, and a project that is not so intrinsically linked to Detroit's electronic music heritage. Indeed, on the title track, Hood moves away from his trademark angular repetition and instead deploys a frenetic disco loop as well as the same chugging train sound that Telex sampled for their seminal hit "Moskow Disko." If the title track represents a change of direction, then "Wall to Wall" has traces of more typical Hood tracks. Slamming metallic drums a la "Alpha"? Check. Irresistibly lithe snare rolls borrowed from "And Then We Planned Our Escape"? Present and correct. While these elements provide a solid backing, it's the prowling, predatory bassline, which sounds like Seldom Felt covering Suburban Knight that really stands out. There's no prospect of this release endearing Hood to a mainstream audience, but it's impressive that at this stage in his career that he can still present a new aspect to his work.
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      A Living It Up B Wall to Wall