Various Artists - Naif 03

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  • What starts out inconspicuously enough as a regular house track with an old-fashioned bassline evolves (emphasis on that word) into something altogether more significant. Alan Abrahams is known for suffusing his work with socio-political undertones and "A New Species" is no different: The vocal track layered on top (also appended as an acapella) discusses genetic modification. But whereas any old so-and-so could whack on a sample and claim political activism, what's interesting about this record is that Abrahams uses the music itself as an anecdotal tool. The elements, steadily layered over the first half, are interrupted by a speech on rewriting DNA and when they return, distorted and melodically altered, they've morphed into the "new species" foretold. Clever. But it's also still a functional house track. Nina Kraviz's effort is less poignant: "Zlobnii Mikrob" is essentially a loopy DJ-tool with few ingredients, but she sure can make a funky beat. The kick is an instantly-gratifying corporal prod, and when the hi-hats find their swing they bring a naturally self-perpetuating momentum. Background sounds akin to a plucked harp draped in a towel are kept quiet to allow the beat to do its business, but as a stand-alone record you eventually hope for something else to liven things up. That it doesn't come is not necessarily a bad thing for the discerning DJ.
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      A Bodycode - A New Species B Nina Kraviz - Zlobnii Mikrob