Miles Sagnia - Astrobiological Funk

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  • What separates Miles Sagnia from the vast smorgasbord of other deep house producers currently plying their trade? Maybe it's because he doesn't sound like the 80% of house music that, according to Kirk Degiorgio, "...sound(s) like smooth jazz with a beat on top." A sweeping generalisation maybe, but one that contains a grain of truth and could also subjectively apply to Sagnia depending on your point of view. He does his best to disperse such stereotyping though, with the Astrobiological Funk EP, a release of range and maturity that showcases his versatility and attention to detail. "Interplanetary Visitors" gets the ball rolling. It's a devilishly simple combination of bouncing bass, barrel organ, some cosmic synth licks and vocodered vocals that combine to form one of the most satisfying aquatic excursions of 2010. There's the obvious Detroit influence, but you can hear early '90s B12 in there, as well as the sophisticated sound of Russ Gabriel's seminal Ferox Recordings. It easily manages to sustain its momentum and breadth over the course of thirteen minutes, boldly going where deep house has gone before, but with such aplomb that you don't care. "Bounce Theory" has a solid backbone and due to its melodic bass manages to sound quite muscular amongst the swirling ambience that encapsulates it. "Twilight" is a honing of the other two tracks, managing to sound aggressively out there and benevolent simultaneously. Sagnia is a producer who understands that you really don't need to mess around too much with established formulas in order to create something fresh and, under optimum conditions, inspiring. Everything on Astrobiological Funk is well-observed and in its right place.
  • Tracklist
      A Interplanetary Visitors B1 Bounce Theory B2 Twilight