Bloody Mary - Arabesque

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  • Bloody Mary's label Dame-Music describes itself as "electro-goth." Arabesque, from Mary herself alongside frequent studio collaborator Sierra Sam, isn't entirely what I would call "electro- goth" though. If anything, a combination of dub, electro and pop is spread across the two A sides of this release. "Arabesque" builds anticipation from the off with hypnotic Rhodes and a creeping snare tip-toeing from beneath, eventually launching itself into a fierce marching rhythm. Bouncing haphazardly off one another, the deviating percussions are whipped together by a prominent shaker and the eventual harmony of strings. By the halfway mark Sam Leigh Brown's vocals breeze in and the anticipation rests. Melancholic and soft, they ooze and drip sensually through a syncopated beat in an indecipherable Enya-esque wail that eases the track into an emotional, low-slung and dignified piece of dubby house music. The choice of Jin Choi as remixer couldn't be more fitting. Downtempo beats and fiercely melodic lines are his specialities, and that's precisely what he offers here. The exceptional arrangement of urgent hats and intense claps are intelligent in their chaos, fusing with a grainy screwed synth that dominates. Basti Grub's remix however is disappointing. The kick kicks too much, the bass is overpowering and an unnecessary break doesn't help much either. "Spinning Around" showcases Bloody Mary's more frequented dark side. Cleverly, though, the dark musical undercurrent has been given a pop edge in the form of newcomer Eyke's lyrics. His '80s rock-tinted voice swoons over the top with romantic tributes to a love affair with rhythm and the floors that host it. "Feet are marching on their own, heart is beating faster now, the night is in my system now and there is no turning back." "Spinning Around" is captivating and sexy, Eyke's epic sound adding a sharp contrast to the timeless, soulful and coy "Arabesque." Whether it will still be played in years to come is questionable, but it's the standout track of an elegant and mature release.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Arabesque feat. Sam Leigh Brown A2 Spinning Around feat. Eyke B1 Arabesque feat. Sam Leigh Brown (Jin Choi remix) B2 Arabesque feat. Sam Leigh Brown (Basti Grub remix)