Sideshow - Fink Dubs EP

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  • Of course you could see this one coming. Fin Greenall is Fink, electronic singer-songwriter type, whose last album, Sort of Revolution, came out on Ninja Tune last year. Greenall is also Sideshow, who records post-punk-tinged dub that's good at tightening the screws for Aus. Fink Dubs, then, is Greenall dubbing his own work, with results that sound completely unlike the source material. Instead of fairly weedy folk, these dub versions are sinister, muscular and pinpoint precise—sleek and streamlined in the case of "Sort of Dubolution," jittery of step on "Dub It All." In the latter he indulges in more dropped-in elements (sudden piano notes or percussion smacks, for example) and tonal shifts, which are much of its attraction. Fink's first "Q&A" has an echoing, hum-and-stomp percussion motif that occupies the track's center, but the Sideshow remix uses that pattering pattern as a nagging but minor element in a very wide sound field. There are many small things competing for the ear's attention, notably a shivering transformer-faded synth and some pealing piano notes, but it all coheres. These two should team up more often.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Sort Of Dubolution A2 Dub It All B1 Q & A (Sideshow Remix) B2 Don't Look Down in Dub