Scuba - Three Sided Shape

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  • The arrangement, basic thrust and edge of melancholic reserve—not exactly missing from a lot of more recent tracks, but beside the point of a good amount of them—make Scuba's "Three Sided Shape," sound like it could have been from a few years earlier. Yet there's a luminousness to the track, a highlight of Triangulation, that marks it as definitively 2010. It's partly because the track's gleam is heavily marked by the techno Scuba crosses over with so easily, but released as a single, it's more like a welcome pause for breath as dubstep hurtles forward. It also provides a nice through-line for the B-side. After all, why stop at crossing over with techno when you can also have Aus? That label's head, Will Saul, and collaborator Mike Monday deliver a remix of the track preceding "Shape" on Triangulation, "Latch." The original does the chase-scene smoky-doomy thing with a nice assurance. Saul and Monday change the scenery, sideline the menacing synths by making them bubble more, and straighten up the beat, retaining enough off-kilter percussion to connect it to its parent version, while retaining the tricked-up house feel you'd expect.
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      A Three Sided Shape B Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday remix)