Phonique vs. Tigerskin - Longdrink EP

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  • DJing and producing are a common and common-sense combination for an artist. But while some break into the market through their productions and subsequently become in-demand for events, others are experienced jocks or promoters who use the education of what works on the floor when they get round to trying their hand at production. Phonique, for example, has been organizing parties in Berlin since the nineties, and releasing since the early '00s. So his tunes are functional but often very decent. He pairs up once again with Tigerskin on this EP, and while I don't know which route he took himself, there's a similar feel across both offerings. "Sandman," for example, has a typical tech house shuffle, an understated background hoot and a whirling, ascending motif. But not much else. It's got Eastern mystery flavours, falling sick with the classic "good intro loop stretched over an entire track" disease. Fat horns and attention-grabbing congas make "Longdrink" wobble more, and it's more successful as a result, with screwloose organs and a demented mess of clacks and samples. "Loop Back in Time" is a title which refers to its retro stylings, with disco strings and a glowing mass of synths. This one's fuller, and there's more going on, which is a good thing, but again it doesn't offer very much that we haven't heard before. Another loopy number, "Tony's Riff" has a short, repeating set of two chords which would be better if they were more sparsely distributed, but soon take over the track. Apart from that, it's lush and pretty, like its companion. While these two are usually good at producing solid, salt-of-the-earth style tracks which stand out just the right amount, this isn't the best thing they've ever done.
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      a1 | phonique - sandman a2 | phonique - longdrink b1 | tigerskin - loop back in time b2 | tigerskin - tony's riff