Brendon Moeller - Close Up EP

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  • Although the unfamiliar might class Brendon Moeller as a man with tunnel vision, a closer look reveals constant experimentation. Think you've got his dub techno pegged? He'll base the track around an uncharacteristic bluesy guitar sample like on "Gonubie" (a b-side to "Juice") or make his rhythms zing with FX. This time, he's left behind the usual 4/4 beat altogether in favour of a bouncy 6/8. It's well executed: There are unfathomable depth of folds which chop around each other, ever submerged and regurgitated. The thing is that it's just so unfamiliar that it almost sounds funny at first. Under repeated listens, however, it starts to morph from surprising novelty into something special, quickly garnering with the listener the kind of familiarity that a stand alone, stylistically progressive track sometimes can. Although "Mobility" is back to the four-to-the-floor, it wobbles so widely, from the midrange synths to the shuffling foundation, that you might surmise that they were both done in the same session. It is, like "Close Up," dark and aggressively bilious, and draws you in to its overbearing maelstrom. This EP is not for the faint at heart, but if you thrive off music that's just different, chances are you'll love it...but maybe not immediately.
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      A Close Up B Mobility