Public Lover - Musique D'Hiver Pour L'Ete

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  • It's not often you get to discover exactly what an artist was aiming for during the composition of a track. Ninca Leece and Bruno Pronsato recently explained the production process behind this first full EP as Public Lover to What People Play, and spoke of a number of means they used to capture a sense of sonic depth in their recordings—which usually involved a cheap condenser mic. The most fascinating titbit concerned Musique D'Hiver Pour L'ete's closing number, "Chanson." A mono version of the track (studio chatter and all) was recorded two metres from the monitors and fed back into the original stereo signal, creating a highly intimate six minutes framed by Rhodes chords, slippery bass and Pronsato's trademark oddities. The trick is repeated on "I Try" which texturally feels none too dissimilar, but bumps rather than saunters due to another Pronsato hallmark: the rubber ball bassline. "We Are," meanwhile, charms by taking an oblique path from dissonance to consonance. Again Logic's Rhodes plug-in is the source of the pay off, although the cake is further iced by a loose vocal turn from Lecce. "Un Ciel Rouge" is perhaps the least striking of the quartet in that by comparison it seems distant, despite production-wise being the most front and centre. "We've all tended to be a little over-polished these days," concluded the pair; in Musique D'Hiver Pour L'ete's case, a little grit invokes a wealth of character.
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      A1 We Are A2 I Try B1 Un Ciel Rouge B2 Chanson D'Hiver Pour L'ete