jozif - Beats in Space

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  • Rarely does the name of a record label conjure up such a gratuitous mental image as the new imprint from fabric stalwart Craig Richards and jozif. Fist or Finger, as it is playfully named, launches with jozif's "Beats In Space," his own mix playing the brazen part of "fist," and Richards' far more subdued effort representing the shy, retiring "finger" on the flip. Treading a similar structural path as "I Can Read Your Mind," jozif's track is heavy on the bass and lavishly coloured with a variety of creaking, glimmering percussive elements which successfully and pleasantly drive the track onwards towards the break. This is where jozif employs his greatest production strength, the skilful evocation of emotion. Here, it's a disquieting, creeping fear that he induces with a mournfully sinister synth at the midway point, enjoyably at odds with the relatively upbeat nature of the rest of the track. Richards dispenses with the dance floor sensibilities entirely for his contribution, and plunges headfirst into the dark, murky waters of twisted ambience. The vastly pitched-down and warped beats provide a ticking semi-rhythm while a spoken-word vocal by Marcel Duchamp lectures on the creative acts associated with art. The only part truly recognisable from the original is the screeching synth, which sounds far less sinister when set amid pulsing blasts of deep white noise as it is here. The track progresses into a beautifully simple and heavily reverbed piano section towards the end; like the elusive and never-to-be-reached light at the end of the tunnel in an Eraserhead-style nightmare.
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      A Beats In Space B Beats In Space (Scumdolly Mix)