Various Artists - 61 Center Returning Volume 2

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  • Instead of standing still and throwing the same shapes with ever-diminishing returns, Peter Van Hoesen continues to tease new variations from his warehouse techno approach. Earlier Van Hoesen releases focused on killer basslines cloaked in dubby textures, but his recent remix of Traversable Wormhole and now "Hope in Honesterror" mark a change. The sounds are less bombastic, yet the approach, which seems to be derived from dub producers, remains the same. So, while the rhythms are just as powerful as the Belgian producer's other releases and the bass growls as menacingly as ever, what really impresses here is the use of subtle elements. Underlying percussive intricacies power the track while the chord sequence builds for the duration of the 11-minute arrangement as Van Hoesen gradually introduces and subtracts each element. Van Hoesen also features on Sendai's "Northeast," his project with Yves de Mey, which again sees them pushing the envelope. Coming across like a combination of broken beat techno mixed with a splurging dubstep bass, the granite beats ensure that, despite its offbeat approach, it will have some DJ appeal. Finally, newcomer SP-X drops a slab of killer club techno. With thundering drums rolling across the arrangement, accompanied by gargantuan claps and driving percussion, he drops a screeching riff that sounds halfway between an air raid siren and a post-apocalyptic klaxon. Irrespective of what it is or where it came from, it's a fitting addition to this forward-facing release.
  • Tracklist
      A Peter Van Hoesen - Hope in Honesterror B1 Sendai - Northeast B2 SP-X - Extract