Various Artists - Dawn's Highway / Snorkel

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  • In contrast to collectives from cities like Bristol or Cologne with their homely, identifiable sounds, some artists are more travelled, and accordingly display a broader musical outlook. Maetrik, Simon Wish, Johnny Cruz and, presumably Cruz's childhood buddy and production partner Joel Latimer, have all relocated transatlantically one way or another, and this shows in these two moody cuts which breed house, electro, tech and, well, just about everything 4/4 related into a quality, engaging blend. The more epic side is inhabited by Maetrik, who delivers a typically cool and futuristically spacey brooder which hits peak-time seriousness with a steady, restrained hand. The rhythm clacks away as breathy vocals join a throbbing undercurrent, with an occasional unhinged synth screaming and then retreating. It travels and builds, holds and then releases; all gradually evolving, and submerged in smoke machines and lights. "Dawn's Highway" is more upfront but sticks with the dark atmospherics. A sleazy voice slips in and out of coherence around an obese bassline and jacking, snare-heavy funk. While being full of attitude, its sounds are polished and refined—it's got tribal sensibilities, electro-tinged sound design and a teched-out rhythm, delivering something like the underground dance version of crossover appeal. Like its partner, it'd make fabric's main room feel like home at about 3 AM, but instead of heads down, you'd be lookin' tough with a curled lip. Sometimes, you want a bit of everything.
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      A Lati & Maetrik Featuring Kule Runner – Snorkel B Simon Wish, Cruz & Lati – Dawns Highway