2 AM/FM - Desolate Cities

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  • Following the recent Terrance McDonald release, Aroy Dee's sub-label keeps its focus on Chicago, albeit with a contemporary flavour. Tadd Mullinix/Dabrye/James T. Cotton and D'Marc Cantu have released a string of acid-heavy tracks for Nation, Creme and Spectral under the 2AM/FM guise and "Desolate Cities" follows this approach as tweaky, freaky 303 frequencies are let loose over dank, lo-fi drum builds. What sets it apart from the deluge of Chicago-inspired releases of late are the vocals. Like their own "Electronic Justice," an ominous male vocal imbues "Cities" with a moody feeling. Its tale of urban decay is a rare example of house music used as a platform for social commentary and hopefully it'll have the same resonance as the anti-cocaine standard, "Your Only Friend." If "Cities" represents a dark view of the world, then "Give This World" offers the opinion that hope is never lost. A departure from the stripped back sound that often prevails on 2AM/FM releases, it focuses on Chicago's deeper sounds. Powered by a churning "Washing Machine" bassline, it unfolds to the sound of eerie strings and breezy synths that eventually give way to delicate melodic chimes.
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      A Desolate Cities AA Give This World