Delia & Gavin - Track 5

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  • Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom dream in tangerine just like Schulz, Eno or Vangelis and record their experiences in familiar patterns of voltage-surfing sequences. The process might not be new, but the drama of experience is forever different. They write programme music with narratives of no doubt dissimilar significance to performer and listener; an audio-visual synaesthesia in a cinema built for one. "Track 5" was originally destined for the pair's 2005 album The Days Of Mars but was eventually deemed out of place and cast out on its lonesome. More fitting company isn't found in the techno of Âme, but, if the movies have taught us anything, the loner always has a story to tell. Precisely what that story is doesn't lend itself to objective description: It will be one thing for you and quite another for me, and that's the intention. Gonzalez and Russom simply provide the narrative techniques, the syntax and structure, and invite the listener to fill in the gaps. The general mood is imposed by sounds generated from Russom's own handmade synthesizers and filters, but the visual aspect invoked by the dynamics and cadence is very much in the mind of the beholder. As the metronomic charge and slowly-blossoming melody instil a growing urgency and involvement with the piece, it feels like an unresolved cliffhanger when it finally draws to an end. That, after ten minutes, this end should seem premature gives you an idea of the magnitude. Barely any time passes in which to contemplate what just happened before the four-four thud of Âme's remix asserts itself. It's a curious transition to make from one side of the record to the other, but as stand-alone club track, it still seems slightly at odds with its identity. Morphing from a start of Wild Pitch-style layer building into bass-driven techno at its headiest, Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann's version retains the immediacy of the original but makes too many dissonant twists and turns for the drama to remain as focused.
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      A Track 5 B Track 5 (Ame Remix)