Various Artists - Funf

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  • How do you celebrate the fifth birthday of the most-talked about club-affiliated labels in the world of electronic music? You let everyone in on the fun. Seemingly every resident DJ and producer with a connection to Ostgut Ton makes an appearance on Fünf. And seemingly every thing in Berghain makes an appearance as well: Emika did field recordings of "the cooling rooms, storage rooms, PA rigs, strobelight[s], fridges....cloakroom, toilets, water, glasses, swings" and more, as Nick Höppner related to RA earlier this year, and each track on the two-disc compilation borrows in some way from the source material. Which would be interesting if you could hear it. There is plenty on Fünf, though, that sounds like just another track from X. That's no bad thing, of course. (And there's an argument to be made that every track was, at the very least, made with the club in mind anyway—whether it be in form or function.) But it underscores the point that this is, to the casual listener, exactly the type of thing that Höppner said in that same interview that he didn't want: A compilation with a bunch of exclusive tracks. Let me be the first to say, "Whatever." You won't hear many complaining about how Shed's "Boom Room" sounds like a lost track from his EQD moniker or that Cassy's repeating vocal trick works yet again on "Never Give Up on a Moodswing." New tracks from Barker & Baumecker, Substance, Marcel Fengler and Luke Slater won't hurt those that love their techno dark and raw. Höppner, Ben Klock and new resident Ryan Elliott present moody pieces of techno and house that allude sound-wise to the concept but never let it overpower their distinct vision. Only a few tracks sound strange: Dinky's choice to sample someone saying "he danced his pants right off" is hilarious in context but less so without it, Norman Nodge's 115 BPM orchestral-laced wander "Start Up" sounds like nothing he'd ever put his name to otherwise. For the most part, though, it's business as usual. You understand perhaps why Boris has never released a track before. His strait-laced techno take is competent, but hardly inspiring. Margaret Dygas' "Quintet" would sound wildly experimental if she hadn't already showcased an album's worth of similarly pitched material on How Do You Do? Len Faki can't help but get ridiculously epic in the same way that his Berghain mix did last year. Indeed, it's like any compilation that features 24 tracks from 23 different producers: A mixed bag with a little something for everyone. Some excellent, some good, some average, never uninteresting. Just like a night at the club itself.
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      CD1 01. Emika - Cooling Room 02. Marcel Fengler - Shiraz 03. Prosumer - Daybreak 04. Substance - Gestalts 05. Ryan Elliott - Abatis 06. Nick Hoppner - ISP 07. Marcel Dettmann - Shelter 08. Fiedel - Doors To Manual 09. Shed - Boom Room 10. Steffi - My Room 11. Dinky - Twelve To Four 12. Len Faki - Kraft Und Licht CD2 01. Barker & Baumecker - Drin 02. Marcel Dettmann - Scourer 03. SCB - Down Moment 04. Tama Sumo - Iron Glance 05. Murat Tepeli feat. Elif Bicer - Hold On 06. Soundstream - Wenn Meine Mutti Wusste 07. Cassy - Never Give Up On A Mood Swing 08. Ben Klock - Bear 09. Norman Nodge - Start Up 10. Luke Slater - Boom Tang Shwuck 11. Boris - Rem 12. Margaret Dygas - Quintet