Jus-Ed - I'm Coming

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  • If there's one thing that characterises Jus-Ed as a DJ, it's his regular presence on the microphone, giving his sets a personal, human touch. Much of that is down to his genuinely charismatic nature, but it helps that he possesses such a rich and deep speaking voice. When it comes to doing vocals on his studio work, it's this spoken word style that he usually employs to great success. The lead single from this year's Next Level album, however, sees him take a shot at singing instead. Those of you who've heard "Sex Rain" from his debut album Carnival House will already know that singing isn't exactly Ed's forte. Like that particular track, the vocal on "I'm Comin" suffers from bouts of flatness, even distorting the audio at points, but beneath it is a solid deep house production that ticks plenty of the right boxes as far as melody and groove are concerned. That said, there is a certain fragility to the delivery that some will view as a positive quality, but you get the feeling that splicing together multiple vocal takes would have made it great rather than just good. Thankfully, the release is rescued on the flip with two strong remixes from Levon Vincent and Aybee. Vincent goes for more of a dance floor-focused vibe on his version, spacing things out with deep, reverberated synth tones and a strong shuffling groove before deploying a stridently rolling piano riff. However, it's Oakland resident and Deepblak boss Aybee that provides the highlight of the package, building things up with a series of delicately whooshing chords before reintroducing the rugged melodic bassline from earlier in the track.
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      A1 I'm Coming B1 I'm Coming (Aybee Wormhole Mix) B2 I'm Coming (Levon Vincent Remix)