Peverelist & Hyetal - The Hum / rrrr

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  • One of 2009's most out-of-nowhere stunning moments was the Peverelist remix of Hyetal's "Pixel Rainbow Sequence," six minutes of twitchy robotic dub. On that remix, Peverelist twisted Hyetal's fluorescent filaments into one of his dusty digital prayers, subverting colour into hypnotically churning grayscale. It was an intriguing combination that actually worked wonders, and nicely set the stage for a proper collaboration, something finally realized on Peverelist's own highly-esteemed Punch Drunk imprint. "The Hum" and "rrrr" easily outdo the "Sequence" remix, but the collaborative nature of these tracks serves to highlight each producer's idiosyncrasies rather than homogenize. When you're dealing with two musical personalities as distinct as Peverelist & Hyetal, this can only be a good thing. On "The Hum," Hyetal's lustrous fairydust twinkles and severely bent melody lines convulse on top of Peverelist's characteristically earth-shaking bass. It's most effective when those bent shoots of neon snap and loose a torrent of fidgety percussion not unlike Peverelist's recent stormer "Fighting without Fighting." If Hyetal's deference towards bright sounds is on full display in "The Hum," it's hidden behind fogged glass for "rrrr," where colour seems more of an implication than a tangible reality. Completely dominated by Peverelist's tremulous drums, "rrrr" avoids the playful streaks of its flipside and instead periodically mists snatches of melody through its porous rhythm, grinding for an immersive five minutes. Peverelist and Hyetal seems like a match made in Babylon, and the result is just as cooly level-headed as you'd expect, Hyetal's penchant for naked power tempered by Peverelist's meditative nature. Put together, it's a subtlety that has an overwhelming way of hitting you over the head with its mastery.
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      A The Hum B rrrr