Various Artists - From Chicago, Turin, Amsterdam and Dublin with Love EP

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  • Uzuri hasn't hit a bum note with recent releases, and this split EP shows that the label isn't averse to promoting new talents and letting established ones go off on creative flights of fancy. Chicago Skyway does what the label is best known for—deep house music with a strong Windy City influence: the synth sounds on "Resolution M" are vintage Larry Heard, unfolding over tumbling drums. Morphine's K Soul & Muteoscillator, meanwhile, drop a more stripped back take on this style, with tweaked 303 lines and squeaky analogue riffs overpowering gently shimmering chords. Newcomers Slowburn from Dublin impress with "Meteor," a subtle drum track with resonating kicks and rasping percussion underpinning slightly detuned riffs—a well-weighted paean to Omar-S in stripped down mode. However, none of these contributions could prepare the listener for Juju & Jordash's track, "Killing Raul with Acid." Indeed, for anyone who assumed that the duo were just another deep house act, "Raul" will act as a very rude awakening. Starting with grainy, gained beats that go in and out of time, howling electronic noises and flailing snares quickly follow—after which point the grimy layers of acid enhance the track's freak out levels. An intense highpoint in a generally impressive EP, this release has "killer" written all over it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 K Soul & Muteoscillator - Take 1 A2 Chicago Skyway - Resolution M B1 Juju & Jordash - Killing Raul with Acid B2 Slowburn - Meteor