O/V/R - Post-Traumatic Son

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  • One of the lessons that went unlearned during the mnml explosion was the opportunity that techno presents to entrance with only a few elements. For the most part, the opposite approach prevailed, with producers trying to impress with a maximum amount of FX. Thankfully, it appears that we've passed that point or, at the very least, that audiences have got turned back onto talents like James Ruskin and Regis. Either way, O/V/R's "Post-Traumatic Son" is one of the finest contemporary examples of techno minimalism, its heavy beats, intricate rhythm and central industrial riff combining to form a hypnotic fusion that keeps the listener spellbound, despite the fact that it doesn't change at all—with the exception of a brief breakdown. The duo prove themselves again to be skilled alchemists on "Cripple Nurse (And Water)." There, a doomy construction leads the listener from the Joy Division-esque morbidity of the intro towards an atmospheric denouement that would make an electro player like Gosub jealous. "Descending the Left Corner" impresses too, on an EP full of standout cuts. Like "Son" it follows a complex rhythmic structure, but instead of attacking the jugular it also sees the duo tugging at the heart strings with a ghostly chord sequence. Harnessing the power of minimalism with Detroit techno's mysterious melodies, "Corner" is yet another feather in Blueprint's cap.
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      01. Post-Traumatic Son 02. Descending the Left Corner 03. Crippled Nurse (and Water)