A Made Up Sound - Demons

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  • The Hague's Dave Huismans merges the disparate worlds of dubstep and four-to-the-floor electronics, occupying a middle ground that seems more relevant than ever due to bass music's polarisation of chainsaw wobblers and lower tempo explorations. Although his material as A Made Up Sound is slightly closer to traditional house and techno than his 2562 productions for Pinch's Tectonic label, Huismans always manages to conjure up a sound that is recognisably his own. His latest transmission as A Made Up Sound is a slightly pacier offering than his "Alarm"/"Crisis" 12-inch, rooting all three tracks at a 130 BPM tempo that will please both house-influenced bass music DJs and more energetic techno selectors. B-side cut "Extra Time" should definitely appeal to the former of these two camps; its swung snares and sharply pitched bleepy lead contrasting with the steady intensity built by the sweeping synth progression that occupies the track's second half. The two real highlights on the package, though, are the two versions of the title track, which are wildly different from one another. While the shorter reprise utilises stuttering rhythmic blasts and deep, reverberated chords to engage the listener, the main cut keeps the groove bouncing with gruff low end and slinky swung percussion.
  • Tracklist
      A Demons B1 Extra Time B2 Demons (Reprise)