Bostro Pesopeo - Anantes EP

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  • Of all the precocious talents to grace the Permanent Vacation roster, Bostro Pesopeo is perhaps the most overlooked and underrated. With only a handful of remixes and a single EP to his nom de plume, Florian Peter is admittedly less than prolific, but his debut, Falls, was nonetheless a bypassed masterpiece. Its B-side suite, "Communquis" and "Reprise," was like a Toccata and Fugue for house music whose symphonic scope of exposition and development more than justifies the hyperbolic tone here. From the concert hall to the chamber, his follow-up, Anantes, is a pointedly reductionist affair. The title of the A-side's track, "Basic," is an honest appraisal: It's built around a simple but sweet interplay of sequences and becomes a synthesised lullaby thanks to elegant vocals that belie the fierce alias and mien of singer, Hard Ton. Accessible and unobjectionable, it's a traditional A-side inasmuch as it acts as a safety net for the B-side's more artistic tightrope. Peter hardly needs it. "Anantes" is as much about what it lacks as what it has. There are gaping holes in the arrangement. The sparse percussion, the laggard bass and lonely choral suspensions all grow as the elements try to impose themselves on this musical vacuum. But for every promising crescendo there's a sudden drop back into the abyss. It's bewitchingly unsettling. "0000" is altogether less anxious, but no less enchanting. The plucked and legato strings, the piano theme and variations, the surprise entry of the guitarïit feels as though we're being told a story ala Peter and the Wolf. With the current mode for brandishing arbitrarily-coined terms, would it be so unreasonable to think fondly of this EP as fairytale house?
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      01. Basic 02. Basic Vox feat. Hard Ton 03. Anantes 04. 0000