Yuki Suzuki - Need Your Love

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  • Max Essa is known for his Balearic style and close association to the UK nu-disco label, Bear Funk. Despite this, he has resided in Tokyo for some years and recently commenced a label venture of his own, Jansen Jardin, purportedly to "showcase some of Japan's most interesting new underground artists." Yuki Suzuki is apparently first up, but rather than the new YMO, what we get is, in truth, more of the same sun-kissed Balearica from Essa himself. But that shouldn't come as a disappointment, as he's really rather good at it. Suzuki is the vocalist who needs our love, but it's the arrangement that seduces. While she pines, the fondant of pads, bass and strings extends a sultry finger of invitation to a place where old-school beats and chords jam into the night. Lee Douglas provides the morning-after remix on the flip as he heads back to the beach with a hamper of warped vocals, uplifting chords and impish flute lines that are the sunshine to the original's moonlight. I will be interested to hear if Jansen Jardin actually does ply the Japanese underground, but Max Essa's musing sound is enough to keep me listening regardless.
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      A Need Your Love B Need Your Love (Lee Douglas Remix)