Sistol - Remakes EP

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  • The 1999 album Sasu Ripatti made as Sistol is more valuable for the seeds it planted than as a piece of work. That fairly dry stuff bore fruit in Ripatti's own work (as Sistol and Vladislav Delay but especially as Luomo), and it's also been claimed decently enough on this four-track EP, all of which also appears on the remix album of the same name. Alvo Nota's rework of "Hac" keeps the twisting, bare synth bass but gives it a flickering, dancing quality—the central rhythm/riff come at you in pieces, strobe-lit machine funk with real slither to it. FaltyDL's "Refunk" (ugh) of "Kotka" serves almost as a flashback to the era that put Ripatti in the spotlight, the early-'00s heyday of Force Inc., when glitch got glossy. It's another smart notch in the wide-ranging New Yorker's belt. John Tejada streamlines "Kojo" into a staticky, techy bump that's not especially eventful. Better is [a]pendics.shuffle's transformation of "Haaska"'s twerpy undulations into intriguing new areas, beginning with a taut (particularly the just-reverberant-enough low end) house track and soon moving into more crackling, glitch-laden areas.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Hac (Alva Noto Remodel) A2 Kotka (FaltyDL Refunk) B1 Kojo (John Tejada Remix) B2 Haaska (Swelter Mix by [a]pendics.shuffle)