Locussolus - Tan Sedan

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  • Summarize the second entry in DJ Harvey's Locussolus project in only two words? Easy: Harvey Sings! And those figuring that packs of Marlboro Reds might have given him a Tom Waits-ish gruff, that throat of his is surprisingly Britpop-sleek, if a bit nondescript. At its best, it recalls Level 42's Mark King, but it's not the kind of vox to lend itself to the somnambulant track "Throwdown" and its line that "it's nice and sleazy." One should be wary of anyone stating upfront that they're either and it's not helped by the rest of the lyrics. More successful is "Tan Sedan," more in line with Harvey's 2010 renaissance. Stomping with weird electric droplets all around the beat, it somehow stakes a ground between Robag Wruhme (especially in the tiny echoing moments that dot the track) and Supermax. Go figure that the melody line reminds me of—of all things—Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle." For a DJ who best embraces the lizard mind, let's hope the next Locussolus slithers toward such principles.
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      A Tan Sedan B Throwdown B2 Throwdown (beats and bass)